What the Quiet Society of Happy People Understand About the World

A secret that we all should share

Eve Arnold


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My dogs are the happiest people I know.

Even though I see them the vast majority of their waking day, every time I go out and come back again they are overjoyed to see me. It’s like I’ve been away for a lifetime. I often think about what it would be like to live for a dog for a day.

But as I look around at the world I notice there is a secret society of happy people all around me. These are real humans with dog levels of happiness.

Those that have deep and meaningful conversations with the people they love without falling into the dopamine addiction of their metal rectangle.

They are the secret society of happy people.

The fastest way to take the long route to happiness

It turns out that the things likely to make you most happy are not what we chase. The weird reality is that changing the view is likely to have huge implications on your happiness. My psychology professor once said:

“If you’re trying to become happier by changing money, you’re doing it the hard way.” — Gordon Brown

It turns out that whilst we’ve all been chasing the big things, there are lots of small things we can do to make us happier. And they are really quite tiny.

For instance, writing down what you are grateful for every day is shown to increase your optimism. It feels quite odd that you are more likely to increase your happiness by practising gratitude every day than increasing your paycheque.

But it makes sense.

We live our lives at the moment. Each day, each hour, each moment that passes we are living. Practising gratitude for five minutes every morning is time spent at the moment.

It’s time spent thinking about all the good things in your life. In a world full of noise, it’s easy to miss out on the moments that make your life so fulfilling. Being reminded of those things, of what you are grateful for, readdresses some of the balance.

The secret of the…



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