The Simple Reason I’m More Motivated Than Ever to Write Online

Belief is built on the broken bricks of trying

Eve Arnold
3 min readJul 2, 2022


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

2 years I’ve been at this writing online thing.

Before that, I’d tried every side hustle under the sun and none of them stuck. 30 days in and I’d get bored. Writing for some reason though, kept my attention.

2 years later and today I am the most motivated I’ve ever been to write online, here’s why.

Understand the foundation of belief

On reflection, I never thought I would succeed.

I had grand ambitions for myself but when I started trying to work towards those ambitions I was stunned at how hard it was to actually get anywhere.

After 30 days of trying I’d not made 1 sale? What?!

For a while, I had a pity party. I sat on the rocks at the bottom and thought that my life was destined for failure. All the evidence I’d accumulated so far meant that I didn’t have what it took to ‘make it’.

But understanding how I came to that conclusion tells you something important about belief.

Belief is evidence-based

It’s easy not to question what you believe.

I’d lived most of my life thinking that my beliefs were in build. That I couldn’t change them. I’d never ever thought about questioning them, I just assumed you couldn’t.

I’m not entirely sure why but that’s the way I thought. It never even crossed my mind that the beliefs I had might have been ill-informed. I definitely never thought I could change my beliefs with some work.

That all changed when I started writing.

Belief is built in the bricks of trying

Belief is built.

Much like passion is a pursuit and your ambition is agile.

I now think of belief as building a house. Each brick is evidence that you can. Even when you have to take the bricks off and start again, you’re learning something that will make your future brickwork better.