The $2k/month Blueprint For Writing on Medium Alongside Your Day Job

Eve Arnold
2 min readFeb 24
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If you want to learn how to write alongside your day job and top $2k/month whilst working this is the article for you.

But more importantly, how to feel creatively fulfilled.

I’ll walk you through how I did it in 2.5 years of writing on the internet and how you can do it much quicker than me.

I started writing in March 2020.

At the time I was working a job that was okay, but I wanted more. I wanted to fulfil my creative potential. I just didn’t know how.

I found Medium and started writing.

Problem no.1

I had no structure. I was half-hearting it and over-egging the pudding. I write ridiculous goals.

  • Write for 2 hours every day forever.
  • Make $10k/month by next Friday

Problem no.2

I had no idea what to write about or what my audience liked to see from me. It was a little bit of a hot mess. For months I went in circles.

Problem no.3

I didn’t have any targeted areas for improvement. I just showed up, tapped away, and my results were the same month after month.

The solution

Over the years I’ve tidied things up. I’ve got clear on my routine, what my audience wants and focused on specific areas for improvement.

In 2 hours a day, I write 7 articles a week and hit $2k/month.

Now if you want to do the same, for the first time ever, I’m making an offer to you.

I’m launching the ‘Medium Blueprint: How to write on Medium alongside your full-time job

The course will be $100 until 3 pm EST on 27th Feb (Monday).

Then it will be $150 forever.

Grab it here.