How to Stop Colour Coding and Actually Start Working on Your Dream

Start by doing and work out the rest later

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Sometimes we have a tendency to make things way more complicated then they need to be. Now half of me thinks that is a decoy tactic to avoid doing the real stuff in life and the other half of me thinks we’re all scared to try, probably because we’re worried about what other people think.

There are endless stories we tell ourselves about why it’s impossible to live the life we want to and there is no way we could possibly start working on that think we are just simply too busy. It’s quite curious that we have enough time to talk about how busy we are and not enough time to start working on that thing we want to.

The truth is, you are never going to have time to work on the things you want to if you don’t set aside the time. It’s not rocket science. If you keep walking around telling yourself it’s too hard, you can’t because you are too busy and the timing isn’t right yet, guess what… it’ll never be right. You’ll never have enough time, it’ll never be just quite the right time and you’ll never feel ready.

Just jump already.

Why there will never be the right time and then by default, the best time is now

Ask yourself what would be the right time? How much money would you have, where would you be living, what would your job be, who would you be working with? The thing is, that answer will constantly change all the time. If you said this time last year that the right time would be in a years time when you have money, I’d bet that you’re telling yourself now, you need to have a bit more saved.

Stop waiting and just do

The reality is, there will never be the right time. There is never going to be a time in your life where the stars all align and you can finally start working on that thing. You are waiting for a train that is never coming. Life isn’t as simple as that. Things happen, people get sick, work changes, people leave. Life is a constantly moving beast which is not predictable in the slightest. Let's look at this year, who would have predicted this time last year we would be in the midst of a global pandemic with the whole world flipped on its head? Not me. But that’s life right. We adapt, change, evolve.

So there will never be a right time. You can’t wait for that because it’s never coming. So if there isn’t a right time, if you’re never going to feel like you’re ready, you might as well start today, start right now. Stop reading this and go and do the thing you want to, the thing you keep saying to yourself you will.

You Don’t Need a Strategy You Need to Execute — The Beauty of an MVP

The absolute beauty of an MVP is that it takes all the perfectionism out of the situation. An MVP is a minimum viable product, in other words, what’s the simplest version of this that you could test quickly? It doesn’t need to be perfect, it needs to be functioning and allow customers to give you feedback. It takes away what all the business textbooks tell you and I love that. You don’t need a business plan, a roadmap of the next 12 years, a future strategy with colour coded bullet points. None of that stuff is moving the dial.

Colour coding a bullet-journal with all your hopes and dreams for the future is a nice activity but it’s not actually getting anything done. There is a difference between working on your dreams and actually working on your dreams.

One is pretty much procrastination, the other is execution.

Now I’m not saying don’t spend any time planning but planning should be a small part of your equation. Sure, plan out when you intend to work on your side-project this week, month — whatever.

There is value in implementation intention i.e. writing down exactly when, where and how you’re going to work on your dream. In fact, in numerous studies, this has been to shown to improve the chances of achieving your goal. However, writing down how, when and where you will work on your dream doesn’t take long — I bet you could write it down in 5 minutes.

Stop colour-coding and start actually working on your dream.

And if you’re afraid

The reality is, you have this one life. Just this one. You can spend it however you like. You can spend it telling yourself that you simply do not have time to work on your dream or you can spend it finding the time and actually work on your dream. The reality is, life will go on all the same.

But you know that delaying your goals is making you feel empty. Having the same conversations with yourself day in and day out is boring. Only you have the power to change the conversation and change your outlook.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right” — Henry Ford

If you think you can — you can.

This could go somewhere if you put the effort in

Imagine what life could be like if you were pursuing your goals. What if you didn’t live in the hope of the future and actually pursued your goals in the day? What if today you committed to starting the ball rolling on pursuing your dream and you actually did something towards it? No more talking but actually doing.

Well, I’d bet that would feel pretty good. I bet you’d wake up tomorrow proud of yourself. I bet that you would feel like you are someone that has a dream and pursues it. Imagine waking up and feeling like that most days. Imagine how great you’d feel about life.

You don’t need to be the next Mark Zuckerburg. You don’t need to be a zillionaire. You just need to start doing — no more talking. Do that for the next 2 years and see where you get. At the very least you’ll have a blast working on your dreams.

The takeaways

  • Stop colour-coding things it’s procrastination and it’s getting you nowhere
  • Reframe your mindset, there will never be a right time
  • Start with your minimum viable product and go for it
  • Whatever you think is true so believe you can

There is never a right time so now is the best time. There is never a perfect product so go with your best effort. And probably most importantly, if you think you can, you can.

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