Content Creator? Incredible News, You Can Stop Quietly Pretending You Know Everything

The secret advantage to being the least knowledgeable in the room

Eve Arnold
5 min readNov 25, 2021


Photo by Anthony Soberal on Unsplash

A knowledge gap is liberating.

Not knowing anything about the subject at hand is a superpower. You’re just looking at it wrong.

People get it wrong. It’s evident as they sit in meetings where they shy away from their lack of knowledge. Instead of questioning, they hide. They slump down in their wheelie chairs. They pretend to be scribbling something important in their overpriced notepad. Anything to avoid eye contact and questioning.

Lack of knowledge is misunderstood completely.

All these corporate folks with their one-liners, their confusing jargon and well-pressed suits. It’s a disguise. And it fools most. Knowledge isn’t the secret weapon. Everyone with an internet connection and a little bit about them can Google most things. Not knowing some stuff is a gift worth flaunting.

You just need to look at it differently.

Knowledge is in the eye of the beholder

The trouble with meetings is that they lead to group thinking. Where everyone is too afraid to say what they really think so instead, they just nod and agree. It means the outcome is mediocre. What could have been a great conversation turns into an okay one.

That’s why meetings suck. They can overwhelm introverts and encourage all the wrong behaviours. Just because someone shouts the loudest does not mean they are right. Just because someone whispers, doesn’t mean their opinion is less valid.

Here’s what meetings often look like:

  • Jargon overshadows anyone being able to access the conversation and give their views.
  • Introverted folk feel like they can’t speak up because the conversation is dominated by confident go-getters.
  • Groupthink where no one actually challenges the conversations and the conclusion is based on 2 people’s opinions and everyone else nodding.

In a nutshell? Lack of knowledge leads to a lack of confidence which ultimately…