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Hey, this is what we’re all about

You know, sometimes it’s quite perplexing living life. Not basic survival, we’ve kind of got that bit down, more so the ‘adulting’ bit. From how much of your monthly income to save to which career path to go down, life as an adult is, well, confusing. It’s true, we all have ideas of how to live, what makes a good life and what makes us happy, yet often we find ourselves questioning our own judgement.

If ever there was a time to be questioning your life’s purpose, it’ll be when you enter the world of work. The transition into work is quite the experience and not one for the faint-hearted. Entering the world of work marks the era of ‘adulting’ where you are expected to know how to pay bills, apply for a mortgage and do the food shop.

As the novelty of newness begins to fade the shadow of worry and doubt will loom over you until you realise that being an adult is actually quite the juggling act, and you were never taught juggling at school. Simply entering the world of work comes with its own set of problems.

Well-being, purpose, passion, those are words you will become familiar with. Questions like ‘what are am I adding to the world?’ and ‘how can I feel fulfilled with how I spend my time?’ will become commonplace.

Though, amongst the fog of adulthood, there is some sun to be found in the form of each other. Whilst there is no definitive answer, no one silver bullet that will cure your curious mind (and that would be a terrible thing) we do all have gifts to give in the form of our stories.

Together we can work out this adult-thing.

The core purpose of this publication

There are no rule books to life but equally, it would be nice to have some guidance, some ideas and thoughts that give us a new way to tackle a problem.

Entering the world of work and dealing with everything that goes with that has been pretty tough. Yet, I have found solace in the words of others and therapy in writing for myself.

Decision Press was born out of the need to understand how others see the world and their place in it. Exploring everything the world has to give is a vast undertaking however a burden shared is a burden halved.

The quest of improving yourself is an admirable one but one fraught with inaccurate information and dishonest accounts. This isn’t about a 5 am cold-shower, rehearsing in the mirror your vision of your future self and fitting in yoga, reading, writing, a 23-mile hike and a green smoothie before 6 am.

Nope, instead, it’s about self-improvement that feels good.

Quality writing, honest accounts and good research. But most of all, our articles should give you something. They should help you.

It’s that simple. Thanks for the support.

— Eve, Decision Press.

Science-led self-help. BSc Biomedical Science, studying MSc Behavioural Science.

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