Content consumption gets a bad rap but it can be the best fuel for your creative fire if you choose the right content to consume.

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Content consumption is a highly effective tool for a content creator.

Content consumption is the fuel to your fire. It’s the wood that you need for new ideas, new points of view, new angles. It’s creativity fuel. But often content consumption gets a bad wrap. …

The secret advantage to being the least knowledgeable in the room

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A knowledge gap is liberating.

Not knowing anything about the subject at hand is a superpower. You’re just looking at it wrong.

People get it wrong. It’s evident as they sit in meetings where they shy away from their lack of knowledge. Instead of questioning, they hide. They slump down…

The science of making decisions is a thing, and it’s how money works

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Financials are easy.

Like most things, human beings have come into the fold and decided to make everything incredibly complex. I’m not a fan of human beings today, can you tell? We make life complicated when there is no need; money is no exception.

The answer t to save more…

Eve Arnold

Author of ‘Ultra Self-Awareness’. Lover of psychology, dogs and Ribena (not necessarily in that order).

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