Why that question is the most important question of all

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“Men of great genius themselves were great only by bringing all their power to bear on the point on which they had decided to show their full measure” — K.Anders Ericson

There is little doubt that writing holds a special place in many of our hearts. Clearly, as we sit trawling through a platform that plays to us article after article.

There is no way, in a hundred lifetimes we could get through all the content that is accessible in the world, nor should we want to, but yet we self-select and consume until our heart's content because of one…

It’s a legacy that you create whether you like it or not

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The workplace is crying out for more authenticity yet we reframe from taking it personally. But it’s been personal all along.

There is an ongoing, quite frankly absurd, debate regarding this very notion. The debate tries to unpick how much of yourself you should bring to work. As if you can put bits of yourself on the side before leaving through the front door.

You mentally detach your humour, you place that on the kitchen counter. You disconnect your caring nature, leaving it on the living room sofa. You unplug your kindheartedness, popping it on your office desk.

With those…

How to combat against the inevitable

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Your twenties are hard. Everyone will tell you that they are the best years of your life; you’ll be partying, having fun and relishing in the freedom of post-academic life. Unfortunately, those people are full of lies.

Your twenties? In a word? Difficult.

Anyone that tells you differently is either trying to sugarcoat the experience or is off in the Andes mountains somewhere avoiding the perils of the working world.

The transition from school to the adult world is anything but fun. It’s perhaps more accurate to definite it as terrifying. …

Asking yourself this question is a game-changer

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Cal Newport finishes his day every day at 5:30 pm. That might not be that impressive until you learn that he has written 8 books and those books have been translated into 35 different languages. He’s a professor (oh yeah, not just an author) and he has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles and he’s a dad. He’s 39 and he finishes work at 5:30 pm every evening.

With the same 24 hours in a day, how come some people are smashing it out of the park and then the other people (like me) are continuously asking themselves why they’re no…

A secret that we all should share

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My dogs are the happiest people I know.

Even though I see them the vast majority of their waking day, every time I go out and come back again they are overjoyed to see me. It’s like I’ve been away for a lifetime. I often think about what it would be like to live for a dog for a day.

But as I look around at the world I notice there is a secret society of happy people all around me. These are real humans with dog levels of happiness.

Those that have deep and meaningful conversations with the people…

How your worldview changes your relationship with money

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On the surface, we all want to be millionaires, so we say.

But if you scratch beneath the surface hard enough, you’ll find that you and I don’t actually want to be rich. Not really. What we want is to be liked. It’s the human in all of us.

Why do we chase big paycheques and big houses? Because other people see us with that stuff and think we must be a raging success. They like us more if we have more because equal security, and people like people that succeed.

And so, we begin our quest to become rich…

Figure out where you need more control

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Money is your comfy living room sofa.

It gives you support, stability and it’s the thing that lets you buy those things to make you feel good. Money is a vessel to whatever life you want to live. Whether you like it or not, money is always going to be part of the equation. With this inevitability, it makes sense for us to get well acquainted with money.

Money and habits go hand in hand.

Habits are baked into our automatic brain, if anything is a foregone conclusion, it’s a habit. …

The art of realising when to say no

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Quitting feels like a defeat whichever way you paint it but it doesn’t need to be.

I hate the thought of giving up. It’s ingrained in us from our childhood that quitters never win and winners never quit. And so, what happens, is that we carry on adamant that in order to win, we just need to not quit.

And so, after years of hard work you are emotionally invested in this thing and now you definitely don’t want to quit. You ask yourself questions like:

‘How do you know when to quit?’
‘What if you are like those gold miners…

Are you quitting to pursue your dreams or are you jacking it in

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Quitting the 9–5 is a not-so-secret society, it’s turned into the TikTok of the career world. Everyone’s talking about it.

The number of stories I’ve read about quitting the cubicle life, chasing your dreams and not giving into society makes me want to eat my Crocs. Not because it’s not aspirational, not because it’s not legitimate (although it’s questionable in some cases) but because many people are jumping on the bandwagon without considering the implications.

It’s the popular opinion. Quitting your 9–5 is like spending your 9 pm — 10 pm watching Love Island. It’s what everyone else thinks everyone…

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