You don’t have to quit your job and go solo to find happiness at work

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There is this erroneous notion that in order to love your career, you must to quit your 9–5 and work for yourself. There is simply no other way to achieve happiness in your career than to set up shop by yourself. You could never be happy working for someone else, it’s just not possible.

  • You certainly could not find joy in the morning commute.

Rewind a year ago, 3 years into corporate life and I would have said you were completely right. I was pretty much over the 9–5 grind. I was fed up. …

#2 Set an interim goal: break down big goals to manageable chunks.

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Motivation is like an unreliable friend. You get ready and wait. You wait some more, and then 5 minutes later, you receive a text. “Sorry, not coming, something’s come up.” You sit, disappointed, thinking you’ve wasted the day. When you lack motivation, the inevitable happens. You sit and wait. That waiting turns into hours, you might be waiting thinking that motivation is coming it isn’t. Today is not the day.

But if you’re not careful, every day ends up like today, where you wait for motivation and she never shows up. It leads to the unfortunate event whereby you have accidentally created a habit of doing nothing (of course you tell yourself you are simply waiting for motivation). The cycle continues until you snap and realise that you really must do something about this motivation thing, you can’t be waiting your whole life to get motivated after all. …

I’m 6 months in and here’s what I’ve learned

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Dreams are a funny thing. In your head, they seem like marvelous things. Your eyes glaze over and you become totally in awe of the idea of big houses, shiny cars and ability to do what you want when you want. You start to allow yourself to think big and that maybe, just maybe you could do it. You know, you’re not stupid, you have perseverance, the energy and enthusiasm.

And you start to look online for motivation.

  • 18-year-old breaks $40,000 per month with an e-commerce site

Why you need both to succeed

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Have you ever spent 25 minutes restructuring a sentence? I mean you’ve paid so much attention to this sentence that at this point you’ve started to wonder what a sentence even is. You find your internal dialogue pacing, wondering where the word sentence ever comes from and why we write in sentences anyway. Yeah, it all becomes a bit odd so you decide to move on and work on something else for a while.

Perfectionism is a hard habit to crack. Whilst it has the best intentions, it can become crippling if not managed correctly. It can stop you from producing your best work because that work never gets published. It sits in your drafts collecting dust, waiting to be perfect. Instead, take the idea of discipline. Deep discipline gets put into a category associated with highly organised and trained individuals. If you say the word ‘discipline’ it’s likely that the first thoughts that come to mind are someone you know in the army or a gym-loving mate. But discipline isn’t reserved for the physically elite. …

It’s been an unstructured few months and I’m ready to go back

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Summary: Some sort of structure is beneficial. However, oversubscribing yourself to too much leads to fatigue and unsustained results. I found that there is an optimum amount of structure to make me as productive as possible, too much though sends me into a rebellious month-long fude.

After indulging a little too much on self-help, I’d suffered from a self-help coma. I didn’t know whether my morning routine was optimised enough, whether morning yoga was really the best way to start my day but at least I didn’t get to the point where I was considering taking cold showers.

I’ve always been a morning person. Since I was 14 and had to get up at 6 am in order to get to work at 7 am, waking up early has played a big role in my productivity. Mid-lockdown I had this routine thing sorted, I was firing out articles left, right and centre, work was good, life was good. But then I overdid it, a little like getting too excited and trying to a lift a weight heavier than your muscles can cope with. You are ambitious until you’re regretful.

#1 Put things back where you found them

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“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” — Benjamin Franklin

There is something weirdly satisfying about being organised. There is definitely something quite magical about having your washing done, knowing what’s for dinner that week and understanding exactly what you need to do that week in order for it to be successful.

But becoming organised is a habit to be cultivated. It’s perhaps born from an innate need to feel like you know what’s going on in the day. …

There is a reason you feel like you need to have that $5 coffee

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The science of decision making is, quite honestly, fascinating. Your whole life is full of decisions; every day you make decisions about food, people, technology, mood, your thoughts. Everything.

Do you have a coffee now or later? Do you read a book or watch TV? Do you have that $5 coffee or do you save that $5?

Well, the chances are you are in the habit of spending. If you’ve come here in the first place it might suggest that you are partial to a cheeky trainer purchase here or there (even though you’ve got ten pairs already) or maybe you have a coat obsession that you just can’t kick. Or possibly, quite possibly, you just want to know what science has to say about kicking bad spending habits. …

How to stop hoarding half baked articles and get clinical

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Sometimes you buy things just because you can. You have no need for another pair of trainers. In fact, if anything, you have a need to reduce the number of trainers in your trainer collection, because yes, at this point it’s become a collection.

Somehow you’ve got to the point where you have different trainers for different occasions despite the fact you only go out once a month. Along the way that’s happened with the clothes you own and the coats you buy. You realise on one faithful Saturday afternoon that you simply have too much stuff. You have t-shirts that still have the tags on, trainers and shoes that look brand new, coats that haven’t seen the outdoors. …

How to find happiness in where you are just as you are

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Between 2017–2019 I was miserable career-wise. I would spend my commutes, my lunch hour, well, pretty much all my spare time trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I would painfully question myself over and over about what I wanted to do and what next step I needed to take.

At that point, I was 22 and hungry to succeed and of course, ‘add value’. I’d scroll through LinkedIn and see the same people that I went to University with doing big things, landing big positions. I would scratch my head and question what to do next but the vagueness of ‘adding value’ wasn’t allowing me to go very far. …

#1. Taking on too much too quickly

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“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.” — Barbara Hemphill

How long do we spend in the in-between?

In between thoughts, jobs, tasks and worst still, in between being in between. How much time do we waste thinking about all the things we could be doing instead of actually doing them? We sit and ponder as to whether it’s a good idea to wash the dishes or write an article. By the time we conclude, that maybe washing the dishes is the right thing to do first, we could have written that article as well.

I’ve done it many times.

The time in-between runs away with you and all of a sudden you’ve wasted the whole day wondering what you should do with it. …


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