Another look at what it takes to be happy in today’s world

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Happiness is the golden ticket.

I used to think happiness was incredibly complex. That must be true because everywhere I looked I saw people running. Running to get to the next promotion, the next paycheque, the next whatever the flavour of the month is. And most people I met weren’t happy. They were in a state of disarray.

We all know the standards for success. We admire the trinkets and material goods the rich folk have and we sit pondering how to get there. But if you really ask us, material goods aren’t actually what we want. Goods provide a…

The upside to comparing your work

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”― Ernest Hemingway

In July 2016, after 3 years of ‘work’ I graduated from University. There’s nothing like graduating from University to induce uncomfortable levels of comparison.

“What jobs have you applied for?”

“How many interviews did you get?”

This had become the numbing conversation of my third year. Now, 80 or so people, with the exact same qualifications as me, were about to be released upon the world. This is where the comparison game began.

The race had already begun

We are often told to not compare ourselves, and…

The art of managing time to give yourself more of it

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I used to endlessly write to-do lists. It got so silly that there was a point where I would spend more time writing to-do lists than doing anything on the list. Ridiculous right? There is no question that time is the most important asset we own. But in my attempt to save it, in my attempt to be as organised as possible to mean that I was making the most of my time, I inadvertently wasted it. Whoops.

But it wasn’t until I realised that my obsession with list writing wasn’t getting me any closer to my goals that I…

Expect less and write more

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What if you took away any expectations you had of writing?

What if you did away with the idea that you might be able to earn $10,000 a month because you read somewhere that that was possible? You read that writer’s work, it’s no better than yours, so why not dream ay? Why not allow this idea that one day you could be a ‘real writer’ and earn a ‘real’ living? Why shouldn’t you?

But what if you took away the idea that this is your one-way ticket out of the job you don’t like? What if you took away…

The things you need to get where you want to go

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“I know that fear is an obstacle for some people, but for me, it is just an illusion….. Failure always makes me try harder on the next opportunity.”- Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has missed the game-winning shot 26 times. 26. That’s a lot of failures. So how does someone so successful come to accept failure time and time again?

When you hit a certain level, regardless of your progress, failure becomes scary. That could be missing the game-winning shot or that could be driving a car below your pay grade. …

Why you need to change your worldview on writing

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Why does everything need to be outcome-based?

What is left? No really? What is left that doesn’t have a price tag? Everything you and I do these days seems to have a price tag. It seems to have an ulterior motive. It seems that something lies underneath the surface, waiting, the real reason.

You and I work out to get a six-pack. You and I work hard to get paid more. You and I write online to make some extra cash. There is nothing left that you and I do for the pure joy of it. …

The misused power of nature and the natural world

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Covid has meant that a lot of things have been taken away from us without our consent. Restaurants closed. Seeing friends and family restricted. Working from the office discontinued. The past year and a half have been testing.

Stripped back of everything, every seemingly unshakeable habit, we were left, with ourselves and the natural world. We were left with no dinner dates, little human interaction and more time than we’d ever had. And I’ve never felt more creative.

The hmm of everything synthetic

You and I spend a lot of time in a build-up environment. If you are anything like me, you spend an inordinate…

Maybe we have exactly what we need exactly where we are

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You know I’ve been thinking. That’s a dangerous sentence, but I actually think I’ve come to a conclusion worth talking about. I’ve lost count of the number of articles I’ve read about avoiding the status quo, giving up on logos, and doubling down on a life you love. But I think we all know this. I think secretly, behind the closed door of our homes, we are doing exactly what we want to.

It doesn’t matter if you love spending your weekends in your £7 joggers in front of the TV or if you love lunching at the Ritz. …

The reality of writing a book alongside a 9–5

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There is a blade of grass in my garden that always grows at an odd angle. I know this isn’t perhaps how you thought this article would start out, but bear with me.

This blade of grass every few weeks will pop up, seeming out of nowhere, and will sit, almost perpendicular to all the other blades of grass, no matter how I cut it. It’s funny because it always takes me by surprise whenever I come across it, even though I notice it every time.

Without fail, every time I go cut the grass, this blade sits, awaiting a…

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