6 Smart Ways to Increase Your Career Prospects

A Few Things that Up Your Work Game

Eve Arnold


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Our jobs. They take up such a huge amount of our time. On top of that they then seep into our personal lives, take up ample mental space and make us feel on top of the world on a good day and at the bottom of the barrel on a bad day.

We are at their mercy.

It’s tricky to find the right job. With so many things to consider it’s a wonder we end up making a decision at all. Pay, work life balance, travel, benefits, hours. There is a lot to consider. On top of that we ask ourselves questions like:

“Is this really me?”

We toy with business ventures, switching careers and becoming stay-at-home dog mums, all in the hope of finding that horribly overwhelming word.


One thing we probably always want to be mindful of, whether we’re planning on becoming a dog mum or not, is enhancing our career prospects. Not because we want to climb the ladder, we may no want to but to be able to keep learning and building.

So that if the dream job does come up, we feel confident we have all the skills necessary. You might even create your dream job along the way.

1. Start a Side Hustle

This might seem a bit of an odd one but bare with me. Being dedicated to something outside of work firstly shows a lot about your character. Not only may it generate a decent bit of pocket money but more importantly it tells a story about you. That you are someone that goes over and above. Building a website, writing, taking up graphic design, making products, selling Etsy all require a huge amount of skill. Skills that are incredibly sort after in any corporation, just perhaps not in the traditional ways we might think.

One thing that always stuck with me that I read recently was about becoming the master of two things. It’s this idea that anyone can be good at project management, data science or customer strategy. However, if you are someone that is a good at project management and you can write, you automatically hit the top 3% of people that are gifted in both. You become much more lucrative as a potential hire because you have two talents that…



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