14 Reasons to Reconsider Quitting Your 9–5

Is it really that bad?

Eve Arnold
9 min readAug 9, 2020


Photo by Ryan Tang on Unsplash

Working a 9–5 gets a bad rep. I’ve read a lot recently about the upside of quitting, how you should pursue your dreams, you shouldn’t live a life of unhappiness.

By working a 9–5 you are subscribing to a monotonous, plain life.

The words ‘9–5 desk job’ is normally followed by the words ‘miserable, unhappy, boring and unfulfilled.’ It’s as if working for a corporate or place of work that wasn’t crafted by your own fair hands equals being a sell-out. As if there is no happiness to be found working a desk job and that if you do then you subscribe to the rat-race mentality which will never lead to freedom.

I have a 9–5 ‘cubicle job’ and I wanted to explore the benefits of it for those that feel pressured into quitting because you’re not pursuing your lives passion. You can be passionate about your 9–5. That’s allowed too.

1. Steady Pay

Now, the one thing you can rely on in a 9–5 is that if you show up, do a decent job you’ll get your paycheque. Every month, the same date. That level of consistency and reliability is a very good thing, especially when you’ve got outgoings. Don’t get me wrong, you can make much more money in a business of your own but you can also make much less. In a 9–5 the money is generally capped so you the more money you make for somebody else, doesn’t necessarily coincide with you getting more. However, equally, if the company loses more, you won’t lose 12% of your paycheque.

The consistency is a nice thing. Like a little comfort blanket.

2. Set Hours

I used to hate the idea of routine. I thought it made life totally boring and sucked the fun out of everything, however, as I’ve hit my mid-twenties I find myself loving routine more and more. Having to only show up for a certain amount of hours is great. It’s a good thing because it means you can organise your life around something fairly consistent. It’s safe. You probably won’t have to work weekends, you probably won’t be working too late. Unlike if you are working for yourself, at least initially.

3. Takes the Pressure Off